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Our Journeys

As already mentioned, traveling belongs to one of our great passions. And always according to the motto

Country is not just a place
you can visit.
It's also something
you carry arround inside you.
(Greg Lehman 15/3/16)

Not least due to our diving sport, Southeast Asia and the Far East are among our favorite destinations. But other continents like America and Africa are travel destinations that you should definitely visit.
Below is a list of our trips with links to related travelogues and pictures. Have fun while reading!

Australia and New Zealand

Who would have thought. Our dream comes true. Once to visit these countries. And that over a period of 8 weeks in total. This is the first time we've been away from home for Christmas and New Year's. And it's summertime there. A completely different perception.

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Convertible car tour Bruges (Belgium)

Bruges - a world heritage city to touch and experience, is also called the "Venice of the North". Stroll through the streets of the old town, a small boat trip - a nice moment to escape from daily life.

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Singapore and Sulawesi Utara (Indonesia)

And once again we go diving in South East Asia. First a short visit to Singapore and then to the island Sulawesi. The diving area in Bunaken National Park is famous for its biodiversity.

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Convertible car tour Tuscany (Italy)

Tuscany is known for its hilly landscape, which is particularly characterized by the many pines, column cypress, olive trees and vines. There is nothing better than to explore this beautiful area with the convertible car.

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Short trip to Paris (France)

Birthday Surprise! A long weekend with the family in France's capital. A thoroughly successful tour.

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Convertible car tour to Amsterdam (The Netherland)

Another short trip. This time with our Beetle convertible to Holland. Amsterdam is always worth a visit. And visit dear friends.

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South Africa

We had to go there again! This country has so much to offer! And it could be that we will come back again.

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HongKong and Cebu (Philippines)

The next diving holiday. First of all a stopover in HongKong. Then to Cebu in the Philippines. A great holiday.

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South Africa

What do you want in South Africa? Of course, primarily on safari and explore the unique wildlife of this country. But also the different landscapes are worth going there.

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Singapore and Bali (Indonesia)

Back to Southeast Asia. Stopover in Singapore and once again to Bali for diving. Really amazing dive sites.

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HongKong and Bali (Indonesia)

This time again to the Far East. Again, we have a company office over there. But otherwise HongKong still has much to offer. To Bali this time for diving to the north-west coast.

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Soma Bay (Egypt)

Diving NON LIMIT on the house reef. The complete holiday aimed at our new sport.

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Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Khao Lak (Thailand)

How else could it be. New destination - Kuala Lumpur and Khao Lak. Particularly noteworthy here - our diving course in the Andaman Sea.

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Singapore and Bali (Indonesia)

Back to Asia. This time Southeast Asia with Singapore visiting our company office and then to Sanur / Bali.

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Thailand and Cambodia

Our next trip to Asia. Bangkok - Siem Reap - Bangkok - Koh Chang.

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Lake Garda (Italy)

Enjoy Italian flair and the Mediterranean weather. This is Lake Garda!

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Bangkok and Koh Samui (Thailand)

The first holiday in Asia. A completely different world! Definitely not the last holiday in this part of the world.

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Mallorca (Spain)

The 17th Federal State of the Germans. An interesting as well as in many places beautiful island. Unfortunately also a lot of tourism.

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Obertauern (Austria)

Ski holiday at its best. And with enough snow.

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Danube bicycle tour from Passau to Vienna

A week on the road by bicycle. Passau - Schloegen - Mauthausen - Melk - Vienna.

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America - Westcoast

Our first long-distance journey. San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Hoover Damm - Grand Canyon - Bryce Canyon - Zion National - Sequoia National - Yosemite National Park.

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