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2006 - Bangkok and Koh Samui (Thailand)


The Asia fever has caught us. As our daughter no longer wanted to go with their parents on holiday, we booked a trip to Asia for the first time.

We started with using a scheduled flight of Thai Airways to direction Bangkok. There we spent 3 days in the luxury 5*-Hotel Marriot Riverside, visited the most important places of interest as for example the Temple of Wat Arun and Wat Pra Kaeo. A drive with the Tuk-Tuk, a typical public transportation in Thailand could not be missed at all.

From Bangkok we went by plane for 10 days to a beach holiday on Koh Samui, the biggest island in the

Golf of Siam. In a beautiful and quiet Hotel resort with single bungalows, far away from mass tourism we could really relax. One of many highlights of this journey certainly were the culinary trips to the street kitchen of the capital city and the island.

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